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Hello, welcome to our website. We are going to list some Product on Kicker Car Speakers and show you some different models that appear on top ten car speakers. We have looked at about 30 websites that show top 10 car speakers, and the funny thing is, none of them are the same. One website may have an alpine as the number one, but another site may have Kenwood at the number one spot. So who is right, well they all are because your not looking at the top ten in the world, and yes I have tried that search too.

Top ten Car Speakers: Lists

The lists that you are actually looking at are the best-selling car speakers for that store when you put in a google search. We looked in numerous ways for worldwide top ten, and all the ways, brought us to all stores best-selling lists, marked as top ten car speakers. Through all the searching we have done at the many lists we found that Kicker was on about 95 percent of lists.

Some lists had different model, but Kicker showed up the most. These were 6×9, 5.25, 10 inch, 6.75, 6.5, 3.5 and 4 inches that came up on the lists. So we are going to show you a few of them below, with links to the product pages and comment on the product.

kicker DSC650 DS series

Kicker DSC650 DS Series:

  • 6.5 inch speakers
  • 60 watts RMS/240 watts peak
  • 2-way Coaxial
  • sold in a pair

Sold at https://www.parts-express.com/


most were satisfied with the crisp and clear sound, along with the very good mid-bass thump that they put out.

Kicker Comp R10

Kicker Comp R10

  • 10 inch subwoofer
  • 400 watts RMS
  • 800 watts peak
  • Sold individual

Sold at https://www.parts-express.com/


These ten inch subwoofers, they have deep and ow bass, easy to install, pack a good punch and well worth the money spent.

Kicker DSC350 DS Series

Kicker DSC350 DS Series

  • 3.5 inch speakers
  • 2-way coaxial speakers
  • 20 watts RMS/ 80 watts peak
  • sold as pair

Sold at https://www.parts-express.com/


These 3.5 inch tweeters provide crystal clear highs and mid-range, easy to install at a great price.


What are comments? Well comments are what other people, just like you and I, giving their honest personnel advice about a product that they have purchased. They are good and bad, and you can learn some important facts about a product you are thinking of purchasing from them. Some products we’ve shown you have both, but they all gave their personal opinions on them. The truth about a product, that is what comments are for, to give potential buyers information on the product that they are thinking about purchasing. I read the bad comments very often just so I can see the troubles that I might encounter if I purchase that particular item. It’s nice to know some of the problems you might have RIGHT! No matter how bad one of the comments are, there may be ten comments saying good thing about that product and vice-versa.



Reviews and comments, to me they are both about the same thing. They both state personnel facts form other people or stores about a certain product. Top selling lists are from the stores and what they have sold more of a certain product, and comments are what people write after purchasing and using the product from that particular store. So, as you can see they are all part of the big picture when it comes down to the end results. Thank you for visiting our website, and feel free to leave questions and comments at the bottom of the post. We hope that you will continue to visit our website time and time again.








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