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Different Type Speakers

When it comes to the time to buy new car speakers to upgrade your system, there are a lot of choices out there. First thing you should figure out is the size of the speakers that you are going to replace. The speakers already installed in your vehicle, in the doors are usually 5 inch, 6 inch or 6×9 inches, the back dash of the car are usually 6×9 inchs or 4×8 inches, and the front dash speakers are from 2 inches to 3 inch speakers. There are so many different type speakers out there to choose from, and sometimes it is just hard to choose with all the reviews that are online of which is the best.

You will also have the choice of 2 way, 3 way or 4 way speakers for your car sound system.

Differences Between 2, 3 and 4 way Speakers

Tweeter Speakers

  • single tweeter cone (for High Ranges)
  • come from 2 inch to 3 inch

Two way Speakers:

  • installed with a woofer (for Low Ranges)
  • installed with a Tweeter (for High Ranges)

Three way Speakers:

  • installed with a woofer (for Low Ranges)
  • installed with a Tweeter (for High ranges)
  • Installed with a Mid-range Cone (for Detailed ranges)

Four way Speakers:

  • installed with a bass cone (for Low Ranges)
  • installed with a Mid-range (for Detailed Ranges)
  • installed with Two Tweeters (for Very High Ranges)

Subwoofer Car Speakers:

  • installed with only a Bass Cone to produce very low frequencies (Deep Bass)
  • Remember subwoofers are usually mounted in ported enclosure boxes

Different Sound and Price:

As you can see speakers come in a lot of sizes, shapes and number of Components. The difference between the 2 way compared to the 3 way and 4 way is that there is no mid-range cone installed which leads to less sound in your car speaker system. The 3 way on the other hand puts out less high frequencies than the 4 way speakers due in fact because the 4 way speaker has an additional tweeter that is installed into it.

The other difference between all the speaker 2, 3 or 4 way is the price. Four way speakers will be more expensive than the others due to the extra components that are installed in them. The quality sound of a 4 way speakers will also be much more crisp and clear sounding. The many differences are a big factor in choosing Car speakers. When you think about subwoofers remember that the larger that it is the more vibrating low range frequencies it is going to put out. Price vary for subwoofers and enclosure boxes.

Most speakers come in different Watts as well, so take caution when buying and amplifier for them and make sure it has enough power to run the speakers in the right manner. Subwoofers will bring your system to a whole new listening level if that’s the route that you take with your car stereo system. Subwoofers vary in prices the same way as the 6inch or 5 inch speakers, the larger you go in size and watts the more expensive they become. Usually manufacturers sell the proper enclosure box for the subwoofers you chose and they are very well manufactured. If you want to take it a step furture you could always get instructions online to build your own enclosure boxes, for the speakers that you purchase. In the near future we hope that we will have instructions and/or videos showing you the proper way to manufacture them yourself.

Last word for you:

No matter what you are going to do with your car stereo system, speakers are the most important part of the system and should be chosen wisely. What you put into your system is your personal choice, but just ask yourself questions. What do I want my system to sound like? How much money do I want to spend? If you want the best of the best then it will cost quite a bit of money, but you can choose the right components and keep the cost down by looking at all the different speakers here on our website. The investment is for your personal satisfaction and the money that you spend will be well worth it, so it can feel like your in the from row of a concert. We are going to continue to upgrade our website with new product for your viewing. You will be able to look up on different companies and compare prices right here our website. We will continue to put high quality products on the website to make you viewing more pleasurable and easy. We hope that you will continue to visit our website as our products get more abundant and available to you. We pride ourselves on supplying the best products at the best prices available to you. We hope you enjoyed your visit to our website and hope you will return when your needs for car stereo speakers arises again. We also hope at a future point in time to put receivers, amplifiers, wiring kits and a numerous variety of other items on our site as well. So keep a look out for all the future items we will be putting on here. Thank you for visiting our site hope to see you again soon.





  1. Fred Ota

    Hi Dwight, that’s a good rundown on the type of speakers sold out there. Speakers are part of our everyday life and I thought I know a lot about it. After reading this article I am more informed than 10 minutes ago.
    Your post is very informative and to the point. Keep writing more.

    • Dwight

      Thank you for the comment we really appreciate it.
      Dwight & Sheryl


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