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Car Subwoofers Box – Build or Buy

When upgrading a car stereo system, you have probably done some kind of internet searches for some research. You have probably looked at Receivers with CD players built in, amplifiers and auto car speakers. Now your looking to go one step further by adding into your system, sub woofers and car sub woofers box. There are all kinds of sub woofers and enclosures out there for you to view and/ or purchase. Or maybe you will have already found the sub woofers and are in the process of looking for enclosures for them.

Build or Buy

Next step for you to do is to answer the big question. Do I want to build the enclosure box/boxes or do I want to purchase pre-manufactured enclosures box/boxes? Well, this is a personal choice of each individual that they must come up with the answer for. If you decide to build your own or buy pre-manufactured ones there are pros and cons to both. Below I have listed the pros and cons for you to read for some help to answer the question above.

Building Car Subwoofers Box


  • You can build your enclosure to your specific vehicle
  • Total control over the entire design
  • Total control over the shape (square, round tube, etc.) and the color (ability to match the interior color of the car)
  • Lets you choose the type of wood used to construct it and the thickness of the wood used (1/2, 3/4/ etc.)
  • Lets you customize it with lighting (blue, green, etc.) to enhance the look of the enclosure
  • Lets you feel proud of the quality system you will have designed yourself
  • Gives you better sound quality (if build to specifications of the enclosure and sub woofers)


  • Much harder to build your own box/boxes
  • Much more time-consuming (not and issue if you will like spending a weekend on a project)
  • Must be made to the Specs. Of the manufacturer and the Specs. Of the sub woofers
  • Little larger and heavier than pre-manufactured enclosures
  • A little confusing to build if you will have little or no experience (needs to be built to Specs. Of the sub woofers

Purchasing Pre-Manufactured Car Subwoofers Box


  • Just purchase the subwoofer boxes (some may need to be assembled)
  • Just hook up the speaker wires on the inside to the sub woofers
  • Mount the sub woofers to the box (with the screws that are usually supplied)
  • Put box/boxes in vehicle (mount amplifier to box if that is your preference) and hook up to the amplifier
  • Turn on radio and BOOM there goes the great sounding music with the deep bass sound


  • Pre-manufactured are one size fits all (which may cause you to loose some quality)
  • They may not fit your vehicle correctly
  • Cheaper built (lighter materials)
  • May not be designed for the sub woofers you will have purchased
  • hard to customize to your preference (lights, color, etc.)

Buying or Building – the choice is yours

When it comes to subwoofer boxes it is your personal preference whether you want to build an enclosure or purchase one. Over the years I have done both and have been very happy with the choices that I have made when it came to subwoofer enclosures. Most of your decision will be based on time, money and your abilities. There are so many varieties of subwoofer speakers and enclosures to choose from that it sometimes may seem overwhelming to you. But just relax and enjoy knowing that which ever you choose is the right one for you.

You can choose from sub woofers that are 8 inch, 10 inch or 12 inches and that have a wide range of different watts for all the different sizes. Enclosure boxes also have a wide variety of shapes and sizes also available such as Triangle, Square, round tubes and rectangle being made for one subwoofer or two. Choosing the right size and shape is totally up to you, with the available space your car has to offer.

Take a look online and look at the enclosures that are available. Make sure that the specs. of the enclosure and the specs. of the subwoofer are where they are supposed to be, and that if the sub woofers say you will need a ported or un-ported enclosure. A port is a tube that is in the box that allows air movement inside it. Reading the specs. On both will save you buying the wrong enclosures and wasting your hard-earned money on something that won’t work. Also, read the specs. On your amplifier so you will can match the specs. up with your sub woofers.

Just so you know if you purchase and amplifier with too much power you will blow your new sub woofers up and that wouldn’t be good, on the other hand if you purchase an amplifier with to little power for the sub woofers it will cause poor sound quality, so in either of these cases you just wasted a lot of time and money.


At this point we hope we have given you an abundance of information to help you will choose whether to buy or build your subwoofer enclosures. Which ever way you choose, I’m sure you will have fun in the process of building your own car stereo system that you designed. Don’t overthink it, have fun with it and you will enjoy your new system to the utmost satisfaction, as if you will were at a concert in the front row seats and have the greatest listening experience of your life that will Rock your world. Please feel free to leave comment or question, and we will get back with you as soon as we can.

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