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Auto Car Speaker – Build the Best Speaker System


When you buy a vehicle, what is important varies from person to person.

Some like to have high output motors, loud mufflers, and good suspension systems. Some like the performance side of the vehicle. Others on the other hand, like shiny rims and tires, spotless interiors, nice paint jobs, and polished exteriors.

Then you have those that feel an auto’s car stereo system are the most important feature. They want the best high output audio speaker system, amplifiers, sub woofers, and high output radios. Some like a lot of bass in the system, some do not. Each person has their own preference.

When it comes to finding the best quality auto car speakers for your vehicle it can be a bit challenging. We have done some research to try to aid you in this process. We will discuss how to maximize the sound of the system you choose.

So how do you begin?

Begin at the beginning

The first thing to decide is what is most important to you-Bass, treble, etc. This can be the most challenging part of the journey to an awesome sounding system. You certainly don’t want to start buying equipment and then find out you just wasted your hard-earned money on a system that isn’t what you truly wanted. Before your purchase, I would recommend writing down some goals of what you would like to achieve in your sound system. You can also draw a diagram of the system to see how it looks to you so you have a plan.

Here are some examples of questions you can ask yourself before your purchase:

Do I want:

  • A system so loud I feel like I am at a concert?
  • Some “glass shattering” beats?
  • Nice crisp Sound?
  • Clearest natural sound?
  • Lots of bass?
  • A combination of all these things?

Everyone has their personal preference when it comes to answering those questions and to what will make their listening experience in their car the most enjoyable. If you are still unsure, taking a listen to your current system first can help you to better decide what it is currently missing and what you would like to experience.

What Your Current System Has Now?

Lets look at your current system. Does it produce flat, muffled and/or monotone sound? This could be from old or low quality equipment that has deteriorated over time. There are some things you can do to troubleshoot your current system to determine what is “off” about it.

  • listen closely to each speaker for distortion and/or rattling
  • can you barely hear the system?
  • check that the bass, treble, faders and bass boost (if available on your receiver) are all working properly
  • check that the built in equalizer is working properly (if available on your receiver)
  • decide what is missing for you when you listen to you current system?
  • what do you want your sound system to sound like compared to what you currently have?

Auto Car Stereo – System Components

What components are actually in a car’s audio system can be a challenging thing to figure out. What each component does is very important to understand in order to successfully upgrade your system to your satisfaction.

Let’s look at the major components of an auto’s stereo system and compare it to the human body:

  • the radio (receiver/CD players) can be compared to the brain. It controls the bass, treble, faders, built in equalizers and bass boost.
  • the amplifiers and equalizers can be compared to muscles. They supply the high power for the sound.
  • the wiring can be compared to the arteries and veins. They carry the power to the Speakers, amplifiers and equalizers.
  • the auto stereo speakers can be compared to the arms and legs. The main door speakers (4.5″, 5.5″, 6.5″ or 6″x9″), tweeters (detailed sound), and sub woofers (for booming loud bass) are the most important components in the sound system, and are what makes the entire sound system perform.

Factory Speaker Information:

Typically, factory speakers are very poorly made. They are built with lightweight paper products and cheap internal parts. They tend to get dry, crack, and eventually fall apart. This is when you start to hear vibrating, crackling, and distortion in the speakers. If you are like me that can be extremely annoying and frustrating.

After Market Speaker Information:

Most after market speakers are made with more durable plastic materials and better quality internal parts. They are generally very affordable, fairly easy to install, and have excellent sound.

SubWoofers Information:

sub woofers add a whole new sound to your car’s audio system as well. If you have never had sub woofers in your vehicle, “WOW! Are you missing out on a great listening experience!” sub woofers in conjunction with the right high quality amplifier brings a whole new level to your listening experience, and can make you feel as if you are in the front row at a concert! Another point I would like to mention here is that the stock receivers found in a vehicle from the factory typically have 60 watts of total output power and no pre-amp outputs for installing sub woofers whereas most after market receivers have pre-amp outputs.

Therefore, if you choose to install sub woofers you need to change the stock receiver for one with high output and pre-amp outputs. Also, please note that sub woofers must be installed into the correct enclosure box. If they are not, it will affect their performance and/or destroy them completely, especially if they require a ported box. Usually you can purchase the correct enclosure box and sub woofers at the same time and place. sub woofers come in 8″, 10″, or 12″ and some manufacturers sell them with the enclosure boxes.

Last Words To You:

Installing a speaker system in your vehicle that will truly “rock your world” can seem quite challenging but also it is fun. Hopefully, I have helped you to be on your way to understanding the components in the sound system, how they work, and how to determine what you would like to experience in your sound system. Keep in mind the speakers are the arms and legs of your vehicle’s sound system, and are therefore the most important component to your journey to obtain the most enjoyable listening experience possible. Good luck on building your new system and I hope it sounds amazing. Thanks for taking the time to visit our website.





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